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Thea Washington, CEO of Thea Washington Casting is a woman of her word. Raised amongst the city landscapes of Baltimore and New York city, Thea infuses the hard-core values of her metropolitan upbringing to her casting company. As the daughter of an accomplished Record Label Exec, Thea developed an early eye for sharp talent, and learning her work mantra that kindness and respect should always be your professional calling card. 

“I love giving someone their first televised role, or giving them their big break or closer to their dream… I truly love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else.”

As a casting director, Thea, alongside her team, have provided services for a wide range of talent for diverse content over the past decade. From television network series to commercial branding, Thea Washington Casting continues to make its mark. With credits including HBO’s “WE OWN THIS CITY” from the creators of The Wire, Disney/ FX’s “Spook Who Sat By The Door”, campaigns with National Geographic, BBC, show on The Oprah Winfrey Network, Bravo, Netflix and more… Thea Washington Casting finds top notch talent in niche markets for the most exclusive gigs. Thea, and her team at Thea Washington Casting are always ready to bring a fresh approach to new projects, new clients, and developing new industry relationships. As industry veterans, they are determined to provide high quality products and strive for consistency of work. At Thea Washington Casting, “We lead with kindness and cast with integrity. We truly believe that love and dedication is in the details. And embracing diversity is not just a belief, it’s our commitment.”

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Thea Washington Casting Credits

“I love that within my profession, I get to make sure minorities are being represented in a proper way.”

-Thea Washington

What the Critics Say

Harry L. Bushrod IV recommends Thea Washington Casting

I’ve known Thea for nearly ten years. Working alongside her in production, she’s always been a hardworking, dedicated individual. Thea’s a pleasant person to be around, and with her on your team, her presence gives assurance that you will get quality work from her!

Harry L. Bushrod IV

Sandy Mehlman recommends Thea Washington Casting

One of a kind. Thea gets all the stars and more. She goes above and beyond every single time. Bachelor Casting is grateful!

Sandy Mehlman

Burnette Loretta recommends Thea Washington Casting

Although I’ve only worked for Thea Washington Casting once, it had a lasting impression of professionalism, sincerely with a since of family.Everyone was treated with respect and dignity. We knew between takes ,were reasonably relaxed but also knew that filming time was just that! Questions were answered and issues, if any would definitely be addressed. On time start, and decent time out because everyone was about their business and job. I do however feel that because of the team/family like atmosphere , time was never an issue.

Burnette Loretta

Scott Swope recommends Thea Washington Casting

Thea Washington does a tremendous job casting actors for all types of roles. She has been an instrumental part in helping me secure a wide variety of roles. She has gone out of her way on numerous occasions to let me know of potential casting calls and roles. She is a wonderful person to work for and truly cares about all the people she comes in contact with and understands the ups and downs of being an actor! Thanks Thea!

Scott Swope

Suzanna McCaleb Woodhead recommends Thea Washington Casting

I have worked with Thea several times. She is a true professional! She looks out for you and is very supportive. I know when I work with her everything will run smoothly and I’ll have fun!

Suzanna McCaleb Woodhead

Jesse Milliner recommends Thea Washington Casting

Thea Washington is a reliable, trusting person that you can always count on. Her work ethic and experience is unparalleled; you’ll be happy and equally grateful to include her on any project.

Jesse Milliner

Gale McClelland recommends Thea Washington Casting

Thea is very professional and care very deeply for her talent and crew. I recommend Cast By Thea 100%+

Gale McClelland

Sharrie Mccain recommends Thea Washington Casting

She always take care of her actors and make sure things go well on set for them . If you get hired by her you won’t be disappointed. She is great at her job !

Sharrie Mccain

Angela Moore recommends Thea Washington Casting

I was cast by Thea Washington Casting recently. I gladly would work with her again and again, it was such a pleasant experience! She takes care of her Actors, on and off set. 5⭐

Angela Moore

Donna Madison recommends Thea Washington Casting

Thea is very easy to work with and will also think of her people first!! She takes care of us❤️🥰

Donna Madison

Mia Speight recommends Thea Washington Casting

Thea has cast me in several projects. She is very easy going, business minded and professional. A pro with casting…look no further!

Mia Speight

Scott Rittwage reviewed Thea Washington Casting

Thea is amazing! First time working with her and it felt like a family. And once you see the resemblances in the cast you will see her casting magic. I would work with her anytime!

Scott Rittwage

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