"One of my proudest moments has been hearing my son say to his friends 'My mommy is a director' and explain to them what I do"

1. Where are you from and fill everyone in on your unique upbringing? 

I’m from Baltimore City!  Growing up my mom was a record label rep & exec so we moved a few times from Baltimore to New York and back. My childhood was filled with lot’s of music, concerts, culture, travel and excitement because of my mom’s job. 

2. Who is someone you admire, and why?

I admire my grandmother because she is beautiful and has so much style. She raised three kids and retired from her own business and bought her own home. She marches to the beat of her own drum and is unapologetically true to herself.  Lately she’s been one of my top actors. At 74 she started her acting career and landed in Essence magazine, a commercial for the Hilton Hotels, a commercial for the National Education Association.

“You should treat everyone the same from the janitor to the CEO.”

3. Tell me three pet peeves.

  • My biggest pet peeve is when someone is trying to throw someone under the bus! Not to be confused with venting. When people try to throw people under the bus to me, I’m slightly judging you, lol. You will probably throw me under the bus too! If we are working on a team we all should help each other. 
  • I hate when people try to steal clients or underbid to get the client. What’s for me is for me, I only want what’s meant for me. 
  • I also hate when people are rude to extras or PA’s. You should treat everyone the same from the janitor to the CEO. 

4. What’s a typical day like for you?

It depends on my work load but one thing I like about my career is it’s always something new! Most days would probably start with me dropping my son off at school, possibly meeting with a client, or racing to a pre-production meeting, grabbing lunch with a work/friend ending my day in my office til it’s time to pick up Bruce-Wayne. 

5. If someone were to take you to a nice happy hour,  what’s your drink vibe?

Hmmm… I would probably ask the bartender what their favorite drinks are and possibly try something new or stick to a glass of red wine (Malbec).

6. Name three words that describe you

  • kind
  • determined
  • professional
  • resilient
  • resourceful
  • mother

7. What are you happiest doing, when you’re not working?

Too many things to name! 

  • I love spending time with my son Bruce-Wayne, going to parks, visiting with friends, going to trampoline parks. 
  • I also love going bike riding with my boyfriend, binging shows, traveling,  going to concerts and trying new restaurants. 
  • I love thrifting, painting, karaoke, watching reality TV, listening to podcasts, playing spades, going to festivals, concerts and more 

8. What is the biggest misconception about you and/or your work?

I think people think my job is easy, possibly because I genuinely enjoy and love what I do! 

People don’t see the hard work that goes into casting a project. Part of it can be very tedious and you must be detail oriented and organized. 

Most people may think I walk down the street and stumble upon someone who may have the look and snap my fingers you are a star!lol 

When I have a project it may be me sending out a blast, posting on sites, reaching out to actors in my database, creating self tapings, conducting in person auditions, compiling the files, creating a casting document, organizing actors and dates, negotiating rates, all for one character. 

Not to mention if I have multiple projects,  or have to meet with clients, or present proposals. 

9. What word do you love?


10. What word do you hate?

“my brand”

11. What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?

I would love to see growth in my company. I’m looking forward to meaningful projects, well paying consistent clients, winning an Emmy, watching my actors reach A-list status and being part of their journey. 

12. What has been your biggest accomplishment or the best moment you have had in your profession?

I have a few: 

  • Seeing my son on a billboard and grandmother in Essence magazine! This was a national print campaign shot by photographer Michael McCoy for the Census 2020 marketing materials. 
  • Working on the Green Book’s traveler’s guide interactive exhibit for the Smithsonian NMAAHC (National Museum of African American History and Culture) that won a MUSE Award. 
  • I was a casting Recruiter for ABC’s The Bachelorette season with the first black Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay. It was amazing to make history with the show and to see my name in the credits on the top reality show in America!!! 

13. What’s your favorite meal?

I’m all over the place, lol – a dozen of Crabs, oysters, wings, a nice steak, or sushi. Not all at the same time though, lol. 

14 . What has been your biggest regret, if any? 

My biggest regret has been not always setting firm boundaries. I wish I started my debt free journey earlier in life. I wish I allowed people’s opinion to hold less weight in my thoughts. I regret saying yes to others when it’s not always convenient or beneficial to me. 

15. What keeps you grounded and keeps you going in life?

Having to provide for my son keeps me going! Bruce-Wayne also inspires me to work hard and be someone he can be proud of. 

16. Favorite Book(s) you have ever read?

Who moved my cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson. Although it’s an old book and quick to read, it’s still relevant to this day! It teaches you if you don’t shift with change you will be left behind. 

Other notables : 

  • The Coldest Winter Ever 
  • Flyy Girl 
  • The Four Agreements 

17. Favorite film(s) you have ever seen?

  • Coming to America 
  • Set it Off
  • Five Heartbeats
  • Casino
  • A Bronx Tale
  • Player’s Club
  • I loved the Wu-Tang documentary, Teddy Pendergrass documentary
  • Black Panther 
  • Crazy Rich Asians 

18. What led you to work in the entertainment industry?

I grew up in the music industry with my mom, so whatever job I had I knew it had to be fun! I started working early in life. I’ve been blessed to always have super cool fun jobs. From working as a label rep for Sony, a top brokerage firm in the beauty industry, helping produce hip hop shows with Tracye Stafford of Ikon, a PA at BET Networks for awards shows and special events. 

While working for the brokerage firm in the beauty industry I had an idea to start a thrift store boutique. I love to thrift and can find gems that look like I’ve paid tons of money for them.

People would always offer to pay me double of what I paid for it. So I started a company called Thrift Society which focused on making clothing cool again. My friend Ericka Cherrie set up my first shoot for me featuring my clothing. I never imagined it would start a new career for me as a stylist / costume designer. My work has been featured in Vogue Italia , BEATS BY DRE commercials,, I’ve worked on film, commercials, signed to an agency, and even won awards. Styling got me in the door and led me towards my passion of casting. 

19. What do you love about your profession?

I love that I get to make sure minorities are being represented in a proper way. 

I love working for myself and the flexibility it provides. I love giving someone their first televised role, or giving them their big break or closer to their dream! I love how cool people in my industry are! Everyone overall is so genuine and laid back but also professional and direct. 

20. If you had any other profession, what field would you be working in?

If I had another profession I would still be in the entertainment field but definitely the music industry. I grew up in the music industry, I worked for Sony as a college marketing rep, I worked on music awards shows for BET as a production assistant. I worked for Tracye Stafford of Ikon Entertainment assisting her while producing rap shows. I also toured with gospel artists for my mom’s label under Universal. So I just knew I’d still be working in music, however the pivot to entertainment is actually perfect. I love what I do and can’t really imagine doing anything else. 

“Start where you are and use what you can. There is never a perfect time to start, things will never be perfect no matter now much you prepare.”

21. What do you know to be true about life and its lessons?

What you give out is what you get back in return. Also when people do wrong to you it’s their karma, not yours. Still be kind and professional. 

22. What is one of your favorite quotes and attributes?

Start where you are and use what you can. There is never a perfect time to start, things will never be perfect no matter how much you prepare. Get started and get it done! 

23. What would be your personal motto?

Treat everyone with respect from the janitor to the CEO. You get back what you put out! Do one thing no matter how small a day towards your goal.  Be your authentic self.  Work should be fun!